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Greetings to all alumni and friends of the Washington, DC Alumni Chapter of South Carolina State University. On behalf of the Washington, DC chapter I would like to welcome you to our chapter's website and to encourage you to visit us at one of our monthly meetings or any of our sponsored events. This chapter has a long and established history of service to the university and the local community. We are trying to continue this tradition and to evolve in today's information age. We are seeking new and better methods of communicating within our membership, to the university, to other alumni chapters and to all our friends and supporters. The challenges that confront us today are truly a test of our integrity and our commitment to the university that we so dearly love. It is with much patience and determination that we will rise to the necessary heights to overcome any obstacle and restore our university to its renown greatness.

It is with sincere humility that I ask for your assistance and support to achieve these goals and continue the legacy as the leading alumni chapter of South Carolina State University.



With Bulldog Tenacity,

Alton Donnelly


You may reach me via email at pres.scsudcbulldogs@gmail.com.

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Please keep our fellow Alumni, Friends, and Families who are heroically serving our great country in prayer. 

We salute our men and women of the Armed Forces and pray for their safe and speedy return.

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